Experienced Truck Accident Attorney.

Motor vehicle accidents have become almost habitual throughout south Florida as certain cities have a widespread driving community who should understand the difference between a generic motor vehicle accident and a trucking accident. When comparing a truck accident to a car accident, one should learn to distinguish the insurance policy limits both carriers posses. The magnitude and force generated by a commercial vehicle such as a truck, is far more detrimental in comparison to the force generated by a regular automobile accident. In addition, the attorney's who are qualified to represent victims of a trucking accident vary in accordance to their years of expertise, board certification, and experience in the courtroom.

In spite of searching for an experienced attorney who handles these specific type of cases,one should consider doing their due diligence to see which attorney is best fit to represent them in a personal injury trucking matter. Renowned attorneys in Miami, Florida, such as Sagi Shaked have actively litigated catastrophic truck accidents for more than 20 years and have acquired millions of dollars in settlements for clients who were severely injured due to the carelessness of other truck drivers.Choosing the right attorney to represent you in these personal injury matters in a city such as Miami is pivotal, and should be treated different than a regular car accident.

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