Rising Star Kallie Rock Debuts New Single “Girls Just Wanna Have Fund$” Filmed in Miami.

A young upcoming star, Kallie Rock is making headway in today's artistic scene with her grand talent and determination to thrive in the competitive music industry. Kallie, born in Daytona Beach, is riding the wave in the entertainment world as her evident potential has brought her to a one-to-one interview with the Miami News Today cast team. Kallie stands out for her individuality as an African-American pop rock exponent among innumerable new artists. She recently chose the sunny, palm-tree-filled city of Miami as the setting for the video accompanying her new single “Girls Just Wanna Have Fund$.”

Kallie, 24, deems Miami a “passionate” city, which she has visited since a young age. She grew up as a multifaceted, well-rounded person putting effort into academics, singing, songwriting, and basketball. Her serious commitment to basketball manifested in her decision of not staying home for her birthdays ages 11 through 18 to travel for competitions. She was also involved in music since her childhood, working with American rapper Krayzie Bone at merely 10 years old. However, it wasn’t until she was a mature adult that she decided to fully pursue music. 

"Being involved back then you think you're writing yourself a record deal, but there's so much more to music..." she said in a recent interview with Miami News Today. "I didn't even know who I was. You need an image." 

Kallie has lately recorded catchy pop singles like “With You” and “Picture Me,” available on platforms such as iTunes and Spotify. The young, promising artist envisions herself releasing a couple of albums in the near future, and she plans to concentrate in Orlando and travel back and forth to Miami. She wishes to be an inspiration to young people to work on their true passions in spite of societal standards. 

“The music I make is a lot different,” Kallie said. “It's not something I'm doing to fit in.”

Her studious nature and achievements in basketball are a prime exuberant demonstration of a compilation of efforts, and what you can accomplish if you're focused. She made a decision early on to focus on the music and with these same vigorous and relentless efforts in years time you can also attain your own goals.

"Miami is a passionate city" she says.

"I concur, Miami is a passionate city, multi-ethnically passionate with a unique history. MiamiNewsToday is also a part of the passion of Miami's long lasting history relapsing differently. Miami is an alpha city, developing and progressing with unity, encompassing diverse cultures and peoples from all over the world and has plenty of opportunity for everyone." - MiamiNewsToday

"What people want to see is innovation and new talent." - interviewer

Passionately, together MiamiNewsToday and Kallie artistically form our part of a beautiful dream of innovation and "raw" creative talent with this  interview/article/biography."

Innovative and being a creative leader and into hip-hop and country, Kallie strikes us as different, but we accept different, because those who are different are the ones that actually have a positive Impact and manage to change the world. 

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