FPL to Increase Energy Bills Due to this Year's Higher Summer Temperatures.

Due to South Florida's record breaking temperatures this year, the Florida Power and Light (FPL) will be incrementing customers’ light bills this summer. FPL serves approximately 10 million Florida residents across half of the state. The company attributes this change in customers' light bills to the higher consumption of energy when temperatures are at their all-time high in the Sunshine State. According to FPL Account Management, air conditioning, which makes up more than half of consumers energy bill, is used twice as much in hotter months in comparison to cooler months. Hence, more electrical energy is employed to appease the intense heat outside and more money is extracted from customers' monthly energy bills. To save cash and energy this summer, FPL is recommending customers to keep their thermostats at a moderate 78 degrees Fahrenheit, turn off fans when away from a room, and close blinds and shades to reduce the sun’s heat inside one's dwelling. Last but not least, FPL states that with every degree you raise your thermostat to, you can save about 5% on your monthly cooling costs.

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