Uber Driver in Miami-Dade County Fined for not Speaking English.

The city of Miami has always been classified as a heterogeneous type megacity where a large quota of it's residents are mostly of Spanish speaking descent. In concordance with the Miami Herald, a Spanish-speaking Uber driver was fined $250 at Miami International Airport this past Sunday, for violating a county requirement that drivers be able to communicate in the English language. The alleged uber driver states in her remarks that she felt somewhat discriminated against for getting fined and is currently in the process of fighting to get the penalty dismissed. As of 2016 and with accordance to the Herald, English proficiency has been a longstanding requirement for Miami-Dade taxi drivers, and the county’s “Uber law” states ride-hailing drivers shall “be able to communicate in the English language.” The incident has stirred major controversy with Uber's current protocols and is currently under further investigation.

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