South Florida Residents Take Part in Pay it Forward Money Finding Treasure Hunt.

Last years Pokémon go app had massive success amongst the South Florida community, as the cleverly engineered application had a plethora of local South Florida residents out and about in search of their favorite childhood Pokémon series characters. This year a similar concept is transpiring itself throughout South Florida, but the reward at the end of the day isn't finding Pikachu, but rather finding some real life hard earned cold cash. According to NBC 6, Florida Treasure Hunts are taking over South Florida where people hide various amounts of their personal money around the state, and then post a photo to the Facebook page (Florida Treasure Hunts) hinting to the location of the hidden treasure. The Facebook page is already up to 21,000 followers and the Pay it Forward Money finding treasure hunt seeks to bring something positive to the world right now in concordance to its founders mission statement Bo Griswold.

Photo Credit NBC 6

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