David Beckham Soccer Stadium Moves Closer to Finalizing Deal in Miami Dade County.

The city of Miami has always had it's devoted die hard fans who support South Florida's most prominent sports franchises such as the Miami Heat, Miami Marlins, and the progressively improving Miami Dolphins. Although South Florida does have three fundamental key stadiums, one more stadium would be the last puzzle piece Miami needs to fortify itself on becoming one of the worlds first multifarious sports cities. According to the Miami Herald, David Beckham's proposed soccer stadium received the backing of city commissioner Audrey Edmonson last week who sponsored a plan to sell him a county land in Overtown for about $9 million, which would be the last piece he would need to carry out his proposed project. The three acre $9 million truck depot is currently in deliberation at the moment by the 13- member County Board Commission, which have had many oppositions since this morning surrounding the soccer stadiums potentially high noise levels. With that said, David Beckham and company await a major decision today to see if they do in fact commence the construction of this privately financed soccer stadium which has been in consideration since the beginning of 2014.

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