City Officials Consider Converting South Beach Parking Garages into Affordable Housing Projects.

The city of Miami Beach has always been acknowledged for its grandeur opulence along with its distinguished beaches which attract millions of beachgoers on an annual level. Besides it's majestic beaches, Miami Beach over the years has become one of South Florida's most expensive municipalities to rent or buy property in. According to, the average apartment in Miami is renting for approximately $2,660 per month and the average one-bedroom apartment rents for $2,025 if residing in the city's wealthiest districts. Due to the exorbitant prices of living in such costly Miami districts, city officials are considering adopting a new ordinance which transforms existing Miami Beach garages into affordable housing projects for Miami's residents. The innovative concept adopted by city officials would benefit fresh college graduates immensely, as they can profit from the municipalities high paying jobs without having to drive such lengthy distances. Also, Miami residents would face major relief on paying extortionate rent prices if these dwellings are in fact constructed and available for them in a forthcoming future.​

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