Florida Legislature Passes Budget Cut that Reduces Funding for Miami Dade College by up to $14 Milli

Miami Dade College has for years been a denigrated institution facing intricate challenges, which have all been mostly in relation to the unjust fundings the school has received annually from Tallahassee law makers. According to Miami Dade College, the institution is in imminent danger of losing massive funds as the Florida Legislature has passed a budget cut that will reduce funding to Miami Dade College by up to $14 million. Also the cutting of these funds towards the college, will put at risk Important programs that students need to be successful and can reduce or eliminate these programs completely if these budget cuts do transpire. Miami Dade College is urging students and local residents to email Florida's governor Rick Scott, to possibly veto and put a halt towards these budget cuts that can jeopardize the schools monetary needs to be successful. Although many Miami Dade College students criticize some of the institutions to somewhat resemble a jail due to its lack of paint and although some of its students still act like they're in high school, the institution is extremely vital to the South Florida community and needs to remain existent.

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