Miami Residents Taking Part in this Months South Florida Commuter Challenge.

The city of Miami along with Florida International University are teaming up and challenging its local residents to take part in what they're calling the South Florida Commuter Challenge, which encourages local residents to use an alternative form of transportation in their daily commutes in honor of this years Clean Air Month. According to the Palm Beach Post, the 2017 South Florida Commuter Challenge runs throughout all of this month of May in an effort to get commuters to share rides, ease traffic congestion, improve air quality, and even promote better health for all residents. With that said, instead of driving to work this month or driving to your favorite local destinations, try to use one of South Florida's cost efficient metro rail systems or even try carpooling with your closest friends and family members. To take part in the South Florida Commuter Challenge, simply download the RideFlag mobile app on your smartphone devices and log all your trips on the app throughout this month of May. If South Florida residents consistently engage themselves in using these forms of transportation to navigate throughout the city of Miami, our city's dreadful traffic issue can be reduced immensely and everyone will also be healthier and in even better shape.

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