The State of Florida Possibly Forcing Miami-Dade County to Cut Down on Tolls.

The belligerent manner in which South Florida's top toll agencies have profited throughout the years from Miami motorist, have put local residents in a quandary about whether or not they shall in fact continue using Florida's extortionate highway systems. The esoteric methodology behind Florida's top toll agencies such as the Miami-Dade Expressway Authority and the noted Florida Sunpass, have continuously proven throughout the years to be nothing more than a monopolized state ruled mafia profiting from local residents hard earned annual incomes. In concordance to the Miami Herald, tolls on Miami-Dade expressways could drop five percent under new legislation awaiting governor Rick Scott’s signature, and that can also mean the end of yearly rebate checks for the county's biggest toll payers. To elaborate, the Miami Dade Expressway Authority took in about $235 million dollars in toll revenues last year alone, and a five percent cut in tolls would mean nearly $12 million dollars in relief for the roughly 300,000 local motorists who use the system each month. This costly South Florida toll dilemma has been in deliberation for quite some time now, but Florida's law makers are finally realizing the importance of not letting these heedless toll agencies take advantage of local residents incomes, which have to pay for the use of these ineffective roads to get to work throughout the week.

- Photo Credit Gina Torres @ginastraveldiary

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