Miami Ranked as One of the Most Stressful Cities Within the Whole U.S.

Miami has always been classified as an anomalous type city where serenity within its local inhabitants at times might seem exceedingly unattainable. It's aberrant traffic alone and ill-mannered drivers have categorized Miami as a top tier city where stress and anxiety runs deep within its inhabitants. According to demographic data attained from the Sperling's Bestplaces analytics report, the city of Miami ranked as one of the most stressful cities to live in within the whole U.S. along with other known cities such as Tacoma, Washington and Las Vegas, Nevada. Living in Miami-Dade County might seem stressful at times especially for its younger generation, as navigating through the colossal city for a night out with friends can end up costing young inhabitants an arm and leg on just their uber expenses alone. If Miami had more accessible and affordable forms of public transportation systems at every corner where residents can easily have access to transportation, stress levels and DUI convictions would be drastically reduced within Miami-Dade County.

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