The Average Resident Needs to Work 79 Hours Per Week to Afford a One Bedroom Apartment in South Flor

An intriguing study recently revealed some vile factors about Florida's vexed apartment market recently and the results were definitely no surprise to local residents who are consciously aware of South Florida's exorbitant apartment rental prices. According to the Resistance Report, a study conducted by the NLIHC revealed that the average Floridian earning minimum wage needed to work at least 79 hours per week to be able to afford a simple one bedroom apartment in Florida. To elaborate, the study which depicts the necessitated income of each states residents to be able to afford minimal housing, revealed that the average Floridian needed to make at least $19.96 to be able to afford a two bedroom apartment or house within the sunshine state. With wages surpassing those of Miami in other northern region across Florida, Miami residents would definitely need to make more than $19.96 to afford anything in this opulent city.

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