South Florida Residents Fed Up of Excessive Estrella Insurance Ads.

If you've driven past Miami's abounding Bird Road intersections lately or any other frenetic South Florida locations, you've most likely gazed at an overabundance of Estrella Insurance billboard ads which have probably nettled you by now. Estrella Insurance was founded in 1980 and has recently been on an inexorable spree of publicizing Miami's bus stops and buses with their alleged superfluous sex ads. Estrella Insurance although promising its consumers the cheapest and most economical insurance rates, has fallen behind when compared to legitimate private insurance companies like Geico, which have delivered the utmost customers service and moderate insurance rates to their customers throughout the years. Estrella Insurance knowing that sex sells within the city of Miami, has decided to try out this senseless advertising concept to try and lure in uneducated consumers. With that said, do you think Estrella Insurance is taking their advertising concepts way too far?

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