Study Reveals Rich Developers Purposely Make Housing Unaffordable in Miami.

Miami has comprised of several affluent land developers for the past several decades now, whom have systematically regulated Miami's real estate market for potential property buyers and renters. According to a study conducted by the non profit Urban Institute, the report indicates that Miami's rich developers have succeeded in convincing people and local law makers, that affordable housing isn't really all that important to survive in South Florida. Also, these belligerent wealthy developers seem to have tremendous sway over the affordable housing discourse and have significant authority in regulating property market prices within the South Florida real estate sector. In concordance to the Miami Herald, Miami ranked number one in the Forbes’ annual "Worst Cities for Renters" list, citing the city’s limited supply of rental apartments and relatively low pay. Millennials in South Florida need to take a stand and demand higher wages, broader job opportunities, and more respect by local employers for their talents and hard earned college level degrees, which took a significant amount of effort and money to obtain. Miami and its regulators need to open their eyes and realize we are the future of this city.

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