State of Florida Possibly Cutting Off Food Stamp Assistance for More than 200,000 Local Residents.

Miami in contrast to many other significant sectors across the sunshine state, has always been classified as an unscrupulous city where local residents have evidently taken advantage of our system for a myriad of years now. You've seen it all across South Florida, local residents driving high-end luxurious vehicles and then making way to their local grocery stores to run up a $300 tab off the governments expense. According to NBC 6, Florida could cut off food stamps for more than 200,000 local residents including children and seniors under a measure now moving ahead into the Florida Legislature. Also republicans supporting the termination of Food Stamps are arguing that the economy over all is improving and it is time to change eligibility requirements as they once were prior to the Great Recession back in 2008. With that said, do you agree that food stamp assistance (EBT) should be terminated for a vast majority of Florida residents?

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