Florida Seeking to Grant More Immunity Towards Stand Your Ground Self Defense Cases.

Living in certain sectors within the state of Florida can somewhat resemble the Wild Wild West days or Cocaine Cowboys era, where apprehensive lawless cowboys absentmindedly shot each other showing no signs of compunction at the time of their insubordinate acts of savagery. If you live in South Florida you must be wary of whom you have an altercation with now a days, as state law makers are pushing to expand Florida's vexed stand your ground statute. According to NBC 6, Florida doesn't just want to let people stand their ground, it also wants to make the state prove they didn't commit violence in self-defense before taking them to trial. The bill sponsored by republican senate member Rob Bradley, seeks to grant excessive immunity for Florida residents who simply act out of self defense and shoot another individual. If you live in Florida, you can simply shoot someone if they intrude the premise of your dwelling without your consent and would be protected in the court system under the Castle Doctrine.

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