New Study Reveals 6 in 10 People Struggle to Survive in Miami.

A vast majority of South Florida's earnest residents could in many respects agree that the hard earned money they obtain throughout their weekly work agendas does not in fact suffice to meet the cost of living in Miami. A recreational outing in Miami's debonair night scene could end up costing a local resident an arm and leg as the average price of parking alone currently exceeds the $10 mark. According to Local 10 News, a new study conducted by the United Way of Florida found that 6 in 10 residents are struggling financially in South Florida. The study ascertained that In Miami-Dade County alone, a whopping 58 percent of residents are currently having problems paying basic bills and that a survival budget for a family of four in Miami covering food, housing, transportation, health care, car insurance and childcare, should be at a minimum of $56,700 a year. Money is definitely a requisite to stay afloat in South Florida as local prices on everything continue to soar and wages continue to remain dormant.

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