Hialeah Ranked as the Least Culturally Diverse City in America.

Hialeah for years now has been deemed as South Florida's most unheeded city and was recently ranked as the nation's least culturally diverse location amongst other participating localities. Hialeah at the moment stands as Florida's sixth largest city with a total population of almost a quarter million occupants in which a vast majority are of Cuban descent. According to NBC 6, WalletHub compared 501 of the largest cities in the country in which three key indicators were examined including ethnicity, race, language, and birthplace. Amongst these findings, Hialeah ranked as the least culturally diverse city in America along with other acclaimed major cities such as Watertown, Clarksburg, and Parkesburg. Hialeah currently holds one of the largest population of latinos in Florida in which Spanish is their preferred choice of language.

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