City of Miami Suggest New Law to Prohibit Hourly Room Rentals at Calle Ocho Motels.

Calle Ocho within the city of Miami has always been perceived as Miami's chief metropolitan sector where whiffs of Cuban cigars continuously soar through the air and Presidente Supermarkets are located at almost every corner. Calle Ocho also known as (Eighth Street), has served for years now as Miami's principal locality for prostitution activity and drug dealing occurrences. The motels which currently exist along Southwest eighth street, have for years now been utilized by local residents and tourists for casual hourly experiences with Miami prostitutes or known partners. According to the Miami Herald, Coral Gables and the city of Miami are working on a partnership that will enforce a new law in the Gables sector that prohibits hourly rentals at these Calle Ocho motels. Also the city of Miami plans to implement fines for as much as $5,000, for a first time warning to owners who accept hourly rental deposits at these local sites. These winsome cheap motels usually come equipped with alluring neon signs from the outside and heart shaped jacuzzis for their hourly guests.

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