Florida Bill Aims at Legalizing Sales of Liquors at Local Grocery Stores.

For decades it has been prohibited within the state of Florida to purchase any variation of hard liquor at ones nearby grocery store. The local laws governing this mandate have for years been in stagnant deliberation and now local law makers have sought out to repeal the outmoded liquor ban. According to Local 10 News Miami, a Senate panel last Thursday voted in favor of the bill (SB 106) that repeals a decades-old prohibition on grocery stores and other retailers from being able to also sell hard liquor in the same location. It is currently illegal in Miami and any sector of Florida, to sell or distribute any form of hard liquor within the same parameters of where food and produce are sold. In contrast to other states within the U.S. that currently allow the sell of hard liquors, Florida remains dormant as Tallahassee law makers continue to exploit outdated forms of government. Companies such as Walmart and Target are already in favor of allowing the sales of hard liquors at their local retail stores, but companies like Publix are not so fond of the idea.

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