City of Miami Beach Bans Alcohol, Speakers, Coolers, and Tents for this Years Spring Breakers.

With spring less than a month away, Miami Beach officials aren't taking any imperil chances as stricter laws will be imposed for this year's annual Miami spring break festivities. South Beach for years now has served as the worlds spring break capital attracting visitors from all sectors across the globe. According to the Miami Herald, the Miami Beach city manager Jimmy Morales enacted a stratagem along with its city officials to ban the use of alcohol, tents, coolers, speakers, and even inflatable devices on South Beach grounds. Also Miami Beach Police will use license plate readers around the beaches premises to check for outstanding warrants and stolen vehicles. The proposal for such stringent enforcement on thisCit year's annual spring breakers, was fueled by the negligence of past visitors who severely contaminated South Beach with substantial amounts of supplementary waste.

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