Miami's Ms Cheezious Introduces New Pastelito de Guayaba Milkshake.

Miami's Ms Cheezious has introduced a new gastronomic creation to South Florida's public eye, by unveiling what they call the Pastelito de Guayaba Milkshake. The new milkshake can only be found in Miami and is without a doubt a pioneering game changer on how residents will view milkshakes from here on out. The Pastelito de Guayaba Milkshake is a guava flavored ice cream drizzled with palatable guava sauce on top and accompanied by one of Miami's very own Guava puff pastries (also know as a pastelito de guayaba). The innovative milkshake can only be found at participating South Florida Ms Cheezious locations.

photo credit Miamilocavore

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