The State of Florida Ranked Amongst Fastest Growing States in the Nation.

If you've thought the city of Miami had been feeling overwhelmingly crowded lately, worry no more because Miami News Today has you covered. A recent assessment conducted by the U.S Census Bureau of the nations total population in 2016, revealed that the state of Florida had grown astronomically in figures with a whopping total influx of 367,000 new inhabitants. The magnifying numbers have placed the state of Florida amongst the nations fastest growing states, with other voluminous contenders like California and Texas. The rising migration of new residents in Florida as a whole, is costing the city of Miami in many aspects in relation to adding more unnecessary traffic to our streets and even taking the jobs of some native born Florida residents. The state of Florida and Miami are projected to keep rising if no regulations are put forth to try and control the rapidly evolving influx of new migrants into the state of Florida.

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