Recent High School Graduates Choosing Regular Class Working Jobs Over a Four Year College Degree.

Since a young age parents have instilled the fundamental values of attending a four University, so their kids can one day grow up and obtain that revered high paying job society always promised them. Desiring to attend college hasn't been the case lately, as an analysis recently conducted by Forbes revealed that attending college didn't seem feasible to our modern day high school graduates. A bartender with only a high school diploma in Miami was estimated to make more salary based income, than a prestigious four year college level graduate with at least a bachelors degree. According to, a garbage truck driver in Miami was approximated at making $42,393 a year, which sets their salaries at a higher caliber than many fresh out of college jobs. With that said, unless you obtain a bachelors degree in nursing, engineering, go to grad school, or even law school, then you should think twice about pursuing just your bachelors degree in an unpromising field now a days.

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