Fidel Castro Flavored Ice Cream Now Being Served in Miami.

A local Miami Ice cream parlor by the name of Azucar ice cream, is now serving a Fidel Castro flavored ice cream brand now known to Miamian's as the "Burn in Hell, Fidel" ice cream tang. The new ice creams emergence was inspired by the passing of the former dictator this past weekend, as the owners of the local renowned ice cream shop genuinely feel no signs of remorse towards Fidel's death. The new Fidel Castro ice cream strain is a mixture of exquisite chocolates ultramodern chocolate flavored scoops, with a dash of pungent cayenne pepper for that ultimate feverish finish. According to, the local shop is also serving up locally inspired flavors such as Cafe con Leche ice cream, Platano Maduro ice cream, and their Miami inspired Piña Colada ice cream flavor.

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