FIU Takes Part in Student Walk Out Scheduled Tomorrow Afternoon.

Some Florida International University students have abruptly planned to just simply walk out of class starting tomorrow afternoon at 3:00 PM. The students motives to leave class at such a salient time coincides with their still unaffirmative political beliefs towards our current president of the United States, Donald J. Trump. FIU having one of the nations highest quantity of undocumented students, has triggered for this revolutionary type movement to take place, and has a substantial majority of FIU students already attending. The event has been named the FIU Walkout for #sanctuarycampus, and has even launched a Facebook page to try and lure in more potential protestors. According to the FIU Walkout homepage statement, they are calling on all students to join the movement and to declare their campus a sanctuary campus to put their bodies between Trump and undocumented students. The movement is also aimed at strictly trying to protect undocumented immigrants, blacks, muslims, and any minority groups who feel condemned by Donald J. Trumps presidency.

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