Miami's Aldi Supermarkets Go Full Organic Starting on January 2017.

The German owned affordable Supermarkets across South Florida and the U.S, have decided to ban all pesticides from all of their incoming produce items starting on January 1st, 2017. The banning of eight malicious pesticides from their food produce will set Aldi Supermarkets as a leading contender across South Florida's Supermarket industry, rivaling other organic Supermarkets such as Whole Food Markets. Americas food industry has fallen below nutritional health standards within the last decade, as excessive amount of noxious injected pesticides have made the consumption of our local food items hazardous. According to PJ Media, Aldi Supermarkets will be removing artificial ingredients from their harvested produce, adding more gluten free items on their shelf items, and will even be going as far as incorporating a "Never Any" meat brand which will contain no antibiotics or hormones. In comparison to shopping at leading organic Supermarkets such as Whole Foods, Aldi will be way more economical and deliver the same caliber of organic nutrition for a fraction of the price.

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