760,000 Ballots Have Already Been Casted in Miami Dade County Before Election Day.

With less than 24 hours before the next commander in chief of the United States is crowned victorious, South Florida's early voting turnout has already reached astounding record breaking numbers since our last election just four years ago. According to NBC6, Miami Dade County's early voting has been up 80 percent since 2012, as more than 760,000 ballots were cast already before tomorrow's long anticipated Election Day. This years rise in voters involves the ballots of millennialist whom casted their votes for the very first time in efforts to elect the right candidate for this years Presidential elections. The involvement of millennialist in this years controversial elections were also fueled by the eagerness to pass amendment two in Miami Florida, as it fell short a few votes back in 2012. With tomorrow being our country's official Election Day, we urge South Florida voters who have not yet voted, to make sure they get out and exercise their right to elect this countries next Head of State. With that said we leave all of you South Florida residents with a disputable question, who will win tomorrow's Presidential elections? Hillary or Trump?

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