Little Haiti Becomes Third Zika Confirmed Zone in South Florida.

Last Thursday Little Haiti along with Liberty City in South Florida, were publicized as new breeding grounds for Miami's imperishable Zika Aedes mosquito. With Miami Beach still not cleared of these seemingly everlasting critters, Miami officials and our beloved congressional friends of Washington D.C, have not yet passed the necessitated $1.1 billion dollar bill aimed at combating Zika in South Florida. According to the New York Times Earlier this year in late June, the same bill was ruled out once again by congress as they negligently found Zika as a non prioritized matter in the United States. Money unquestionably is always available for war and the well being of our top one percent earners in the U.S, but never for the health and safe being of our devoted United States citizens. It is time for Miami officials to once in for all crack down on this treacherous blood sucking mosquito, which has South Floridian's in pure vexation and panic towards visiting our most revered regions in South Florida.

Photo Credit Marc Averette.

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