City Commissioners Approve Ten Point Renovation Proposal to Help Improve Ocean Drive.

The City of Miami Beach has suffered a major financial downfall since our Florida Governor declared South Beach as a Zika conquered sector. Despite the distraught events Miami Beach has suffered in past two months, city commissioners came together to approve a ten point proposal to help improve Ocean Drive on South Beach. According to NBC6, the proposal is targeted at making Ocean Drive more pedestrian and family friendly and also seeks to improve the lighting on Ocean Drive which residents find imperative. City commissioners also sought to enforce more Police officers on duty patrolling the area and provide better customer service to all of its residents who visit their renowned restaurants. It is time that Miami and its year round visitors start taking action and care for the worlds most praised and visited beach, as city commissioners have already taken the necessary measures to do so. With the proposal, South Florida residents should expect a more modern and pleasant Ocean Drive for them to visit and hang out at with close family and friends. The next step for Miami Beach commissioners to abide by is the clearing of the Zika mosquitos which have transformed the region into a treacherous ghost town.

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