Construction of Palmetto 836 Interchange Finally Complete.

Since 2009, South Florida began its colossal reconstruction project of Miami Dade's 836 district six Palmetto Expressway interchange. The project according to the Florida Department of Transportation was finally completed as of last month on September 27, 2016. The finalization of this long anticipated project is finally being put to the test now to see the effectiveness of this half billion dollar seven year prolonged project. The question that arises from the completed interchange is whether it's finalization will finally help increase the flow of Miami's execrated Palmetto Expressway traffic. For years Miami residents have deliberately complained of the Palmetto Expressway's severe congestion issues and inadequate truck drivers who make driving in South Florida a hazard. Now with the finalization of the Palmetto and Dolphin Expressway interchange, South Florida residents are assured by Miami Dade County, a supposedly more satisfying ride home on Miami's infamous Palmetto 836. With this massive project being built by South Florida's tax payer money, it is up to Miami's residents to now decide if half a billion dollars in a seven year project was actually worth the wait and traffic.

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