Governor Rick Scott Suspends All Tolls in Dade County.

Due to Hurricane Matthew's massive propensity, Florida Governor Rick Scott has declared suspension of all tolls in regions of Florida affected by Hurricane Matthew. According to WSVN, the regions which suspended tolls include the entire Florida Turnpike, Alligator Alley, Central Florida Expressway Authority, and Miami Dade's Expressway Authority. Dolphin Expressway, Don Shula Expressway, and other boundaries within South Florida constraints, have also been added as cleared toll routes by governor Scott's ruling. The clearing of these tolls were implemented in order to encourage families who live in potential precarious areas like mobile home neighborhoods, to evacuate as soon as possible to a more sheltered location. If any traveling is to be done, it should be done as soon as possible before this potential category four hurricane hits Florida. If you have any pets, local pet supermarkets are offering a free window sticker that lets officials know that there's a pet inside your home incase you need to evacuate.

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