illegal Acts of Price Gouging Reported in Miami Dade County.

As Hurricane Matthew attempts to make land fall in South Florida, many local retail stores have been suspected of charging their local customers with unbearable prices for hurricane essential needs like water and batteries. Yesterday Miami Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez, encouraged all of its South Florida residents to report any suspicions on price gauging, by calling 1-866-966-7226. Certain grocery markets were spotted selling their water for more than double of its original price yesterday, which left many of its South Florida customers in firm disbelief of the value behind these items. In addition to Hurricane Matthew news, South Florida has cancelled all of its operations for schools tomorrow and Friday, for Miami Dade County Public Schools. Although this tropical storm is not aiming directly for South Florida, all of Miami Dade County's residents should systematically prepare for this storm by racking up on vital needs. Remember to stock up on plenty of water, ice, canned foods, and even possibly invest in a gasoline powered generator.

According to Florida Statute 501.160 and Attorney General Pam Bondi, during a state of emergency, it is unlawful to sell, lease, offer to sell, or offer for lease essential commodities, dwelling units, or self-storage facilities for an amount that grossly exceeds the average price for that commodity during the 30 days before the declaration of the state of emergency, unless the seller can justifying the price by showing increases in its prices or market trends. Examples of necessary commodities are food, ice, gas, and lumber. Therefore any unlawful acts of price gouging in Miami Dade County should be reported immediately and shall be sanctioned if not followed by local retail sellers. Miami residents should also make sure their homes are secure and pets have the necessary supplies for this hurricane.

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