Florida Commissioners Seek to Abolish Pitbull Bans in Miami Dade County.

Since 1989, Pitbulls in Miami Dade County have been evaluated as menacing beasts with high temperaments, who pose as significant threats to our family and loved ones. More than two decades later, Miami Dade Pitbull supporters along with Miami commissioner Bruno Barreiro, have a different stance on Pitbull's as this time around they seek to abolish Miami Dade's prolonged ban on these furry creatures. A few years ago the overturning of the Pitbull ban in Miami Dade County lost by a landslide, as anti Pitbull law makers ruled against their legalization. According to Veterinary News dvm360, Miami Dade County voted 63 percent to 37 percent to uphold the county's ban on Pitbulls. Also Miami Dade County is the only county in Florida with a breed specific ban, which has been around for more than 27 years. Now in the year 2016, commissioners view the ban on Pitbulls as an outdated ruling by Miami's court systems, and hope to overturn the ban in the subjects upcoming elections. Many Pitbull supporters are now taking the actions necessary to work hands on with our county delegates, to optimistically over turn Dade County's ban on these misunderstood creatures.

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