Miami's Freedom Tower Lit Up Last Night in Tribute to our South Floridian Colombians.

Downtown Miami's Freedom Tower glistened with Colombia's patriotic colors last night, as Colombia for the first time in its historic existence almost ended a war with leftist guerilla group las FARC. The deal was aimed at making a peace treaty with Colombias revolutionary armed forces group, whom terrorized Colombia for more than half a century with limitless kidnappings and relentless acts of terror. Many Colombian's living in South Florida were spotted exercising their double citizenship, as they voted yesterday at Coral Gables Colombian Consulate. The final results of this controversial election ended with a 50.2% of Colombian voters denying the peace deal with las FARC, and 49.8% who favored the deal in hopes of achieving truce. According to Colombian analyst, the deal was denied in fear that Colombia would hand over its civic power to las FARC and end up as a communist country such as Venezuela and Cuba. Florida Senator Marco Rubio, stated his respects for the country of Colombia this morning, as he spoke on behalf of the issue at the senate committee of foreign relationships. Many South Floridian Colombians hope for eternal peace in their country, although the peace deal was not occupied at last nights historic Plebiscito elections.

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