Miami Krispy Kreme Locations Giving out Free Coffee and Donuts on Behalf of Todays National Coffee D

All Miami Krispy Kreme locations will be handing out a free original glazed donut and a small coffee in celebration of today's National Coffee Day in America. Other companies like Dunkin Donuts in South Florida, will be selling their coffee for just 66 cents today along with other acclaimed coffee stores. According to authority nutrition, Coffee can help individuals burn fat, improves ones physical performance, and can even protect human beings from acquiring Alzheimer's disease. Miami being one of the nations top cafesito capitals, will enjoy today's National Coffee Day as Miami after all does runs on Cuban cafesito. Cafesito in Miami has been praised by many including Donald Trump, who was spotted this week drinking a colada at a local South Florida restaurant.

Mcdonalds and other locations such as Starbucks will not be giving away free coffee, but will donate a portion of their proceedings to charity organizations world wide. Miami from all US cities has been deemed as one of the nations top coffee consumers, with their large population of Cuban migrants who introduced the revolutionary Coladita to South Florida grounds. Besides the famous Colada, Miami has a multicultural variety of ground coffee ranging from Colombian Coffee, Guatemalan Coffee, and Brazilian Coffee. The choices are multifarious if you head down to Miami for a shot of their renowned cups of coffee at their latin venues. Unlike other states who only have Starbucks as their top source of coffee provider, Miami has a handful of locations like la Carreta, Sergios Cuban Cafe, and the worlds most iconic Cuban eatery named Versailles.

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