South Florida Takes Part in National Voter Registration Day.

As America approaches its most historical and controversial elections noted by last nights undignified presidential debate, South Florida and all other States across our Nation prepare to take part in today's National Voter Registration Day. South Florida will host several registration events in Miami Dade County which will include: Miami Dade College's North Campus National Registration Event at 11:30 AM, and Florida Memorial University's Voter Registration Tailgating event starting at 3:00 PM today. For those who still aren't aware of the process of registering to vote or haven't had the time, voters simply have to request a voter registration form online, fill out the form in detail including confirmation of ones US citizenship, and finally send the completed form to the Florida Division of Elections before October 11th. Many social media platforms like Facebook have already implemented registration resources to facilitate the registration process for our South Florida residents. This years votes are the most salient to our Countries future, as our presidential nominees are the most cross-examined candidates in US history. According to AFL-CIO, in 2008 six million Americans did not vote because they missed the registration deadline or did not know how to register. Don't let the same occurrence happen in this years vital presidential elections, and register to vote today to make a difference in America.

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