Miami Dade College Kendall Campus Evacuates Students Due to Alleged Bomb Threat.

Miami Dade College Kendall Campus has been evacuated due to a potential bomb threat the school received moments ago. According to Miami Dade College's Juan Mendieta, the threat was received via a telephone call this afternoon by an unknown source. Police officials are working diligently to obtain more information on this case and clear the Miami Dade College Kendall Campus district. If you are currently near Miami Dade College's Kendall Campus, or on the schools territory, we advise you to stay away until this matter is resolved. Miami Dade College sent out an email to their students at 7:28 pm today which read, "MDC EMERGENCY! A bomb threat was received by MDC. If you are on the MDC KENDALL Campus, evacuate immediately. If you are en route stay away".

The College has cancelled the operation of all its classes until the campus no longer possesses a threat to its South Floridian students and teachers. Miami Dade police are currently blocking the entrance to all Miami Dade College entrances, and have not gathered evidence on this dilemma. With several threats roaming our nation, police authorities are taking no chances and have proactively approached this situation with immense vigilance. Students in Miami seem distressed as their College is currently under federal investigation, and has hampered their regular class routines. Miami Dade urges that South Florida residents all work together as a team to resolve, prevent, or not let individuals cast fear upon our community.

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