Miami Residents Fed Up of Excessive Toll Fares.

In the last five years tolls in Miami Dade County have skyrocketed to unprecedented prices which seem to keep rising on a yearly basis. Since 2013 the MDX Board members of Miami Dade County voted to increment toll prices to all South Florida residents, claiming the charges were necessary in our community. The highest toll recorded up to date in Miami Dade County was a $7.20 toll charge recorded in an express lane, which was engineered to get drivers faster to their destination. At the end drivers did not arrive any faster than any other regular commuters who used regular lanes, which portrays these senseless toll companies to be ripping off its residents of their hard earned money. Sun Pass, Toll by Plate, and MDX are consuming South Floridian's pockets, as the monopolized companies show no remorse when it comes down to charging its residents with their immoderate toll fares. Many Miami residents working full time jobs are bothered by the fact that a substantial portion of their pay checks, are going towards paying unwanted tolls which are not helping their driving cause. It is time that Miami Dade County gets rid of these unjust toll fares and makes driving in our primitive roads affordable once again.

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