Miami Awaits Approval From County Commission to Construct North Americas Largest Mega Mall.

South Florida and Edmonton Canada's Triple Five Real Estate Group have been plotting the launch of South Florida's most illustrious project yet, named American Dream Miami shopping mall. The mega mall is a 6.2 million square foot project, which is projected to be built on our very own Northwest Miami Dade County ground site. According to the South Florida's Business Journal, the Genet Family L.P sold a $ 17.1 million dollar vacant site, which is the presumed location for Miami and Americas largest mega mall today. American Dream Miami is conjectured to include a 370,000 square foot theme park, Hotel Plaza, water park attractions, Art Deco Village including restaurants and live entertainment, underwater submarine rides, and a 35,000 square foot movie theater in concordance to South Florida's Business Journal. Miami Lakes mayor Michael Pizzi was scheduled to have a meeting with our Town Council this week to discuss the ginormous project in Miami Dade County. Unfortunately the meeting was postponed for later this year. All of South Florida awaits the launch of this monumental project as it is noted to be North Americas largest shopping mall yet.

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