Rick Scott Finally Declares Wynwood a Zika Free Zone.

After 45 days of the abominate Zika mosquito ridiculing the lives of Wynwood and Miami residents, Governor Rick Scott finally declared the termination of the publicized Zika mosquito in Wynwood. According to the Wall Street Journal, federal authorities stated that the aerial spraying in Wynwood had drastically reduced populations of mosquitos that carried Zika. Lyle Petersen who manages the CDC's Zika response team in a former interview also stated that Aerial spraying worked better than expected in that area in concordance with the WSJ. With Wynwood now declared as a Zika free zone, governor Rick Scott advised all South Florida residents to once again visit Wynwood's iconic art districts and venues. Zika now is supposedly vanished in Wynwood, but Government officials are still faced with Miami Beach's new emerging Zika outbreaks which still have not been eradicated.

Residents in Wynwood have been seen facing relief as Wynwood had been deserted for almost two months now. Business owners are also ecstatic of the Zika clearance as their local stores had undergone a severe drought since earlier July of this year, which detrimentally affected Wynwood and its economic status. Miami is still awaiting for a billion dollar bill to pass to finally be able to relinquish Zika in Florida once in for all. Until then Florida residents are still awaiting for this unbidden mosquito to finally be exterminated in our world famous Miami Beach, which is still being sprayed with Naled and other controversial chemicals. Miami desperately awaits aid from our intricate local government so we could once again enjoy our venerate beaches on Ocean Drive.

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