Lyft and Budweiser Join Forces by Offering Free Rides in Miami Dade County.

You heard it right, Lyft and Budweiser are joining forces to finally nullify drinking and driving rates in South Florida, by offering its passengers $10 free rides all across Miami Dade County. Lyft announced to the public that the company will offer the free rides to all its passengers who are at least 21 years of age, starting on weekends and holidays until the end of this year. The rides are given from 10 PM to 2 AM starting Friday nights and residents are highly encouraged to use this convenient free local service. Their actions are aimed at combatting drunk driving rates in Miami and encouraging young residents to request a designated driver instead of taking on the wheel themselves. The proposal was granted by Budweiser's #giveadamn campaign, which thrives to lower alcohol mortality rates all across the Nation including South Florida. Many South Florida residents don't use our driving services because they are somewhat too expensive, but now that has all changed with these serviceable free rides granted to us by Lyft and Budweiser.

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