Renovation Project Underway for Miami's Iconic Bayside Marketplace.

South Florida Mayor Tomas Regalado accepted an up front $10 million dollar contribution from Bayside Marketplace this Wednesday, which was aimed to start the renovation process of Miami's very own iconic Bayside Marketplace. City officials agreed for the renovation project as a lease extension was approved by its voters, which will grant Bayside a complete contemporary millennial make over. According to WSVN Miami, Bayside will be revamping more than 140,000 square feet of outdoor common areas, including piers, redesigned restrooms, and up to date rejuvenating landscaping projects. Not only will Miamian's have a replenished Bayside Marketplace, but are expecting a 1,000 foot Miami Skyrise Tower, which will enable South Florida residents to get a stunning view of Miami's unrivaled skyline. The Skyrise Tower is rumored to include bungee jumping and other state of the art features which will soon be available to all South Florida residents.

This comes as great news for South Florida, as the City is finally enacting

local projects which will positively Impact the City of Miami's local economy. The Bayside Marketplace venue has not had any renovations done to it since its grand opening back in April 1987. General Growth properties

has finally stepped up to the plate and started a project South Florida residents had been awaiting for decades now, and that will run the City about thirty million dollars in total. The historic Bayside Marketplace will once again be considered one of Miami's most praised local prestigious attractions for its residents and year round tourist.

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