Upcoming Miami Rapper Vice.

Miami being the core of youthful germinating rap superstars, has discovered Vice FNF from infamous Miami rapper Stitches TMI Gang. The exuberant talented native rapper was generous enough to share some of his idealistic aspirations with Miami News Today. Vice born and raised in Miami, began rapping at the early age of sixteen as his keen ambition for success propelled him in the right direction in the rap industry. Now In his early twenties, the noble rapper seeks to put out new music world wide, which he presumes to gain notoriety in a few months to come. With many record labels in his radar, Miami News Today wishes the young artist the best of luck in his future endeavors as he continues to climb the music charts here in the city of Miami. Vice has also been spotted collaborating with several Miami producers such as Jimmy Duval and Dashius Clay on several local Miami music projects. With record labels offering him a wide range of record deals, the young artist has remained loyal to his best friend Phillip Katsabanis, a.k.a Stitches and his TMI Gang music label in Miami.

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