Kendall Traffic Chronicles.

This Monday the Florida Senate district 40 primary debate took place on the Only in Miami show, as both primaries Dwight Bullard and Andrew Korge debated on several local dilemmas. Both candidates were challenged with a numerous amount of vital questions, which primarily focused on centralized local issues. One of the questions asked what these primaries were going to do once in office, to resolve the unbearable traffic crisis which currently exist on South Kendall drive. Bullard was asked how he would impact Tallahassee directly in a way that would alleviate the traffic and transit concerns of Kendall residents, and South Dade residents in particular. According to Bullard he would propose to draw down state dollars so we can focus on rail road expansion projects, and communal rail would also be in speculation which could substantially alleviate the horrifying traffic. With more residents seeking homes in the Southern regions of Florida like Kendall and South Dade, a traffic solution is highly critical, as South Florida residents seek relief from this horrendous traffic predicament.

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