Miami Beach Zika Naled Spraying Scheduled for Sunrise Tomorrow.

After almost two prolonged months since the Zika virus surfaced its way into South Florida grounds, government officials and residents have exceedingly been in solemn deliberation as to whether spraying a whole city with Naled insecticide are in fact a safe protocol. Miami Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez, announced the disputable news after the spraying of Miami Beach was rescheduled to begin tomorrow morning, rather than today. Miami Beach residents indignantly protested as they voiced their opinions stating that spraying the city of Miami Beach with insecticide's, poses a greater threat to its residents than the Zika virus itself. According to Steven G. Gilbert from the University of Rochester New York, the synthetic organophosphate insecticide a.k.a Naled, is deemed to cause chronic nervous system damages resulting in mineralization of the spinal cord and decreased nervous system activity that can lead to partial paralysis. Despite the maleficent effects Naled spraying poses to our Miami Beach residents, government officials will continue with their rudimentary plan of spraying the whole city of Miami Beach with Naled insecticide.

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