Herbalife Deemed as the Biggest Pyramid Scheme in Miami.

If you live in Miami, we all know you've been bombarded at least once in your lifetime by a local Herbalife distributor. The distributor's not only obnoxiously blow up your news feed with Herbalife products and gimmicks, but forcefully try to compel their audiences to buy into their promising product. Miami being one of the worlds number one fit capitals, makes it the perfect candidate for companies like Herbalife to target. For years now, the immense company has been targeting young millennials in South Florida, to promote the companies illustrious expensive products. Also the company has been invoking implausible goals for their young vendor's to reach, which their distributor's seem to eat all up. In concordance with the FTC, Herbalife has been found to be a tyrannical pyramid scheme in 2016, who's distributor's drop out every 16.7 seconds. The company promises wealth, cars and vacations to their young vendor's, but never elaborate on the companies true business inclined objectives. Studies have shown that individual's who diet and exercise regularly can obtain the same, even better results than with Herbalife.

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