Miami Ranked Once Again as One of the Worst Cities to Live in America.

According to 24/7 Wall Street and Local 10 News, Miami tops the charts once again as the worst city to live in America. The study was based off the U.S Census Bureau, which considered the city's crime rate, employment growth, house affordability and other principal factors. The City's median house hold income was estimated at below 32,000$ as compared to the national median which topped off at 53,657$. With such detrimental factors, Miami still doesn't comply to raise the city's long awaited minimum wage. Many South Florida residents continue to suffer as the current jobs they hold do not generate enough income to sustain their family and loved ones. Miami being one of the planets most intriguing cities has a lot of work to do in order to be ranked as a pleasant city to live in again. Many millennials are now seeking ways to move out from Miami for a few years, to save up enough money elsewhere to eventually come back to Miami. If Miami continues in this menacing path, we will no longer have a middle class in our region. The flamboyant city will only consist of a high class and a poor class.

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