Florida Possibly Becoming two Separate States, North Florida and South Florida.

The proposal to separate South Florida from Northern Florida to become its own State, has been in deliberation for the past two years now. According to the Tallahassee Democrat, the South Miami City Commission proposed the revered idea of cutting Florida in half. The segregation of the States would be starting from Orlando which would include St Petersburg and Tampa as South Florida regions. With that said, South Floridian's are not at all pleased with all the mediocre implementations governor Rick Scott has proposed in the last few years. All the State's laws have left South Florida neglected, which calls into question South Florida's dignity. The problems which we face in South Florida are not of the same caliber or interest, of the ones which Northern parts of Florida face annually. Therefore South Florida and its residents would be better off governing and implementing its own State laws by becoming its own separate State.

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