Nursing School Survival Guide From Miami's Elite Nursing Duo.

Both of these South Florida male nurses envisioned an affluent future back in 2010, where women were viewed as the dominant counterparts in today's healthcare industry. Despite the unwarranted criticism they both received from their surroundings which deemed nursing as a women's line of work, the two eager students saw great potential in the field and began their first semester of nursing school. In the prime of the United State's worst economic recession, the two committed students methodically plotted their future and underwent a valiant journey they knew one day would pay off. With a promising future came sacrifice, as the young duo knew they had to now live on a strict financial budget. No longer did they eat steak and lobster but rather began prepping daily home cooked meals. No longer did they party and go out to the Kendall Ale house on weekends, but rather stayed at home studying. Nursing school was challenging and the righteous duo stayed focused and motivated through out their whole academic curriculum. In between study sessions they took breaks to alleviate stress and also even created spreadsheets to organize their daily tasks. Michael and Richard both graduated top of their class in 2011 and became one of South Florida's first male nurses. Since then the trend of male nurses has erupted in South Florida as the field has grown to be in such high necessity. Michael has now been a licensed nurse for more than five years and has devoted his life to saving lives in South Florida. He is now in school to become an ARNP-S "Nurse Practioner" and plans to open his own practice in a forthcoming future. Richard also a licensed nurse for five years is in Anesthesia School at FIU, to become an Anesthesia provider in South Florida's healthcare system. These two unspoken heroes are now what we call in South Florida "ballin" as they are now both making from $60,000 to $110,000 per year. Moral of the story is that hard work and dedication does in fact pay off and new coming male nursing students should never give up on their dreams.

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